I Hate Big Government – Kinda

Americans want smaller, less intrusive government. Everyone knows that. But when you ask specific questions about how to make government smaller, the answers will surprise.

For all the social-media growling about welfare, even a majority of Republicans don’t believe in cutting the program. There’s a good reason. The near-depression of 2007 impacted the entire country. With the exception of perhaps a few 1 percenters, practically everyone knows someone, or has a relative that has fallen on hard times. It is hard to vilify poor people when you know them.

Keep your government hands of my social security. That is not the motto of a confused mind. Rather, Americans seem to be confused about how government spends money, and where the money comes from. For good reason. Social Security has been, shall we say ‘borrowed from’ (robbed is more accurate) over the years to balance budgets, and for other reasons. Now, that pot of money is running out, but the program still has obligations. Republicans argue that the program is a failure. Not so. It has worked for almost 100 years. The management of Social Security has been a failure. And voters don’t seem to have any desire to end the program.

What do these numbers say to the republican candidates running for office? Should they downplay some of their more aggressive stands? They don’t seem to be doing that.

This from Reuters