Ignore the Jade Rabbit at your peril

The Jade Rabbit is a big joke on Comedy Central. So is the little Iranian monkey that took a ride in space. Been there. Done that.

Let’s all laugh at the countries doing the same things we did fifty years ago.  And while we are at it:

  • Let’s ignore the number of engineers and mathematicians we aren’t graduating.
  • Let’s educate brilliant scientists, and send them back to their own countries because we don’t like foreigners taking our jobs, even if they are better qualified and want to live here.
  • Let’s sit around and ignore a crumbling infrastructure while they learn how to make buildings, and cars, and cities more efficient.
  • Let’s subsidize tax dodges and cut spending on research.
  • Let’s waste energy  on incandescent light bulbs, while they learn how to become energy self-sufficient.
  • Let’s waste young talent, while they make education the most important part of growing up.
  • Let’s build weapons that we don’t need, and that will be obsolete before they are ever deployed.
  • Let’s make sure we have the biggest military in the world, and let them build the biggest industries.
  • Let’s fight about guns while they build bullet trains.
  • Let’s fight about wind turbines until only they make them.
  • Let’s fight more efficient healthcare, no matter what inefficient healthcare costs, just because it is ideologically impure.

Let’s fight for individual freedom, while they join together for the common good, and move forward; building Jade Rabbits, and sending monkeys into space. And put us in their rear-view mirror.

Laugh at your peril.