Immigrant Hate

So, how did a country that benefited so much from immigrants who came to our shores learn to hate them so?

Basic xenophobia is partly to blame, but for a country that prides itself on being a melting pot, we certainly hate immigrants. And we always have. We hated the Irish, and the Germans when they came here escaping famine and civil unrest in the 1800’s. In the century that followed, waves of immigrants came from every part of Europe. Italians, Jews, and Poles; we hated them all.  So they came here and lived in ghettos, and worked the worst jobs we had, and we still hated them. And then in a generation or two, they looked and talked just like us, and we found someone else to hate. That was a travesty then, and it is a travesty now.

Those waves of immigrants bring something very special to this country. They bring diversity. They create a symbiosis of ideas and culture that monolithic cultures don’t have. The Chinese may make lots of the goods we used to make here. But we make ideas, and that is something monolithic cultures are not very good at.

Immigrants bring ingenuity, and a diverse skill-set, along with great food, and wine, and so much more. Imagine an America without German hot dogs, and Italian pizza. Or a space program. Americans innovate because we experience so many different ideas, and a lot of those ideas come from immigrants.

Historically, the civilizations that embraced other cultures and learned from them became dominant. We idolize Greek philosophy, most of which was borrowed from other civilizations in the Levant. In fact, the greatest civilizations were great borrowers of ideas, and of culture.

There is another thing that immigrants have done for this country. They took the worst jobs and worked their way up the ladder to reach the American dream. America is built on the hard work of cheap immigrant labor, abundant natural resources, and very little competition. Don’t let anyone tell you any different.

We should tear the Statue of Liberty down. We hate immigrants, and always have. Let’s erect a statue of Donald Trump facing the mouth of the harbor, flipping off those who dare come to our shores. Today that might be the Syrians, but stay tuned. In time, we will hate others.

The State of Hate