Immigrants need us, and we need them.

The Gipper came from California, where immigrants were part of the culture. He knew them. Perhaps he realized that no matter what you do, the promise of a decent job and a future will always lure people away from corruption and a bleak future. It’s what brought most of us to America. He might have also realized that for the most part, these were hard-working people. And that we needed them.
America has always relied on cheap immigrant labor. The jobs they do are the price they pay for giving their kids the chance they never had, and for living in a country that would eventually assimilate them into our culture. In a generation, their kids would look and act like us.
When we did not assimilate, those same immigrants formed ghettos that resemble the culture they were trying to escape when they came here. Those ghettos have the same crime, the same corruption, and the same bleak future. It is bad for them, and worse for the U.S.
Assimilation also adds their uniqueness to our own. We embrace their foods, we add some of their language to our own, and we embrace some of their culture. They bring burning desire, and ideas, ideas that often become factories. If you ride on the top of a train for a thousand miles just to come here, you have something in you that we need. You have the American spirit.
Immigration also keeps America from becoming a monolithic culture. Many societies duplicate what we develop because they are monolithic. They have a hard time thinking outside of the box. The rich send their children here to become educated for this reason. Our schools expose them to new ideas, ideas they would not have been exposed to in their countries. Sadly, we then force them to go home, and take those ideas with them. This makes no sense. If you are willing to spend the money it takes to come here and become educated, we need you to stay. You also have the American spirit.
Immigrants are one of three main reasons the U.S. has maintained a leading edge against other competing countries in this global era. We need to encourage the ones we educate to remain here. We need to give those who risk their lives to come here a chance to become great. We need to make it easier for professionals to become citizens. These are the future entrepreneurs, doctors, and engineers we so desperately need to compete. And the poor? Give them a chance. It is likely that someone did so for one of your ancestors. How did you turn out?