Immigration And The Donald

The Donald is now one of the many contenders in the race to be the president. Stop laughing. He is drawing numbers that rival The Jeb. Can anyone believe that we would go three for three? It is very possible. So President Donald Trump is not out of the question.

The Donald came out of the gate with the kind of speech on immigration that makes reasonable men hang their heads. He has no idea of who immigrants are, what they are like, and why they are here. He does know how to capitalize on the frustration of the low-information American voter. They have been told by the GOP that illegal immigrants are driving up crime, taking our jobs, and mooching off our social programs. All lies that have been used to attack illegal aliens since the last depression. Lies that work for many. The truth is more complicated, as usual.

Fences And Forts

You cannot build an island to protect you. The world will always find a way in. That is the one point

about living in a global community that opponents of immigration never get. Fences and forts have been tried since the beginning of time. They remain as monuments to man’s misunderstanding of the real issue; correcting the problems that spawn immigration. The U.S. can take very real steps to make immigration work for us, but not by building a fence that costs an estimate $16 million dollars a mile. Fences are not realistic.

Corn Subsidies

U.S. agricultural subsidies collapsed the corn market world-wide, and in our case, all of South America. So, the out-of-work farmers came here looking for work. And ethanol has proven to be more expensive to make than it is worth, but we still throw money at the growers to make more. Stop subsidizing corn.

Stop Companies That Hire Illegals

Going after the workers is more expensive. The employers are what is driving the demand. For the companies that need workers, we need work visas.

Work With Our Neighbors

If you want illegal immigration to stop, you have to make life livable in the countries they are leaving. For forty years we have fought a drug war we cannot ever win, and the cost to the nations that supply our insatiable demand is staggering. We need sensible policies that are in their interests, because those interests are clearly our own. Relations with Latin America need to be revisited.

Stop Kicking Out Talent

The anti-immigration stance is stifling our ability to recruit. Millions of students come here every year for advanced degrees that they take back home with them. We need the talent, and many want to stay. This policy is bad for business.

And what of Europe, which is experiencing a wave of immigration unlike any that we have seen? This is a quagmire of our own making. A century of meddling in the affairs of countries in Africa and the Middle East is coming back to haunt us. We must resolve some of the strife, or be overwhelmed by the result of our own actions.

From WaPo

—”Foreign-born individuals exhibit remarkably low levels of involvement in crime across their life course.” (Bianca Bersani, University of Massachusetts, 2014. Published in Justice Quarterly.)


From The Action Institute

Sadly, U.S. government farm subsidies create the conditions for the oppression and poor health care of Mexican migrant workers in ways that make those subsidies nothing less than immoral.

Attracting Talent

But for too long, our broken immigration system has made it needlessly difficult for America to attract the best and brightest talent from around the world. Highly skilled workers often have to wait years, even decades, to obtain the green cards that will allow them to fully contribute to our economy and become Americans over time. Entrepreneurs have no dedicated immigration pathway that allows them to grow their companies and create jobs here. And every year, we educate some of the world’s most talented students at our universities, only to compel them to go back to their home countries to compete against