Incitement Of Insurrection

With only a week left, should we go here?

  • He won’t come back. He’s too old, and too damaged. He will soon have a half million dead on his watch. The economy is in ruins.
  • His megaphone is silent. He may try to create a new one, but it will not be the same. Without social media, he will devolve into absurd statements that please no one. The media will ignore him, we hope. He is a carnival barker without a bark. That alone will destroy him
  • The GOP wants him gone. They hate him for all the juicy things he has done to them in spite of all the juicy things he has done for them.
  • His empire, or what we assumed was an empire, is just a house of cards. He will be dealing with the debt and the dirty deals until he dies.
  • The other arms of the law will not give up. They will hound him for as long as he lives. Whether it is the SDNY or Homeland Security, they will continue to find little hints and whispers of so many shady deals. He will never outlast them.