Inside the RNC Bunker

We wonder if the RNC resembles a siege fortress right now. Reince Priebus wandering the halls, screaming at the pictures of presidents past. Underlings desperate to avoid him as they shuffle press releases to and fro. A car backfires outside and everyone freezes. The Doors playing on the stereo. This is the end, beautiful friend, the end.

Trump support grows

Oh it can’t be that bad. Or can it. Everyone seems to be jumping on the Trump bandwagon, and the suits know that way is madness. Even when they try to embrace The Donald with comments like “He only acts this way to get attention,” you can tell their hearts are not in it. This is the last thing they wanted to happen, and it is happening. Trump is beyond their control. The party is beyond their control.

The angry base

Trump is not the reason for this grass-roots uprising. He just plays it for all that he can. And he can, so very well. No matter what he says, they stick with him. The pollsters all show the figures about likability, women, hispanics, and the near impossibility of a Trump presidency, but no one told the people who come out to support him.

Cruz mis-decisions

Ted Cruz is in a dark place. The most unlikable person in politics selected the most unlikable woman not in politics to be his VP, when the party had resoundingly voted her most unlikely to become president. He tried to form an alliance of skull-duggers with John Kasich, and it fell apart almost before it began to make any sense, which it still does not. What is actually happening in the mind of Ted Cruz, the brilliant legal scholar who makes 60% of the GOP wince?

Desperation. The kind that makes a man walk up to his most fierce opponents and try to reason with them. It’s what Richard Nixon did at the Lincoln Memorial. The kids did not buy it , and neither did Trump’s hecklers. For Cruz, this is the end. One last chance to break the surface, or drown.

They are voting in Indiana, and in the RNC headquarters, they are holding their breaths.