Is Donald Trump ISIS’s Best Enemy?

Donald Trump and ISIS

Donald Trump won’t say what he will do to ISIS if he becomes president, probably because doesn’t have any plan. He hints that he has a plan, but the hint is a not-so-subtle threat. Donald Trump makes threats, and threats are just what ISIS needs right now. They need for the entire Muslim world to see them as fighters for the freedom of Islam. They need to appear as the spearhead of a revolution that will mark the return of an Islamic renaissance. Donald Trump, and the others like him who are beating war-drums, are probably the best publicity that ISIS can hope for.

Threats make ISIS relevant

ISIS has to be noticed in order to grow, and nothing makes them shine like the 2016 election. Across our government, hearings are being held on security, and members of congress are demanding that they be recognized for their strength in the face of an enemy. Is this about protecting Americans? No, it’s about protecting jobs; their jobs. When your ratings are in the toilet, and everyone believes you are the problem, an enemy like ISIS is manna from heaven. So, our dimwitted leaders demand more hearings, in which they out-tough each other and generally take security people away from their jobs, so that they may listen to the members of congress drone on for hours to no real purpose except to be re-elected. Right now it would seem that all of government is concentrated on ISIS. In reality, all of government is posturing for 2016.

Discrimination against citizens

All this fear-mongering is having a positive effect. For ISIS. We are now seeing Mosque’s vandalized, and people harassed. What better way to turn our own citizens against us? Consider the threats being considered for Muslim people trying to come into this country, and then consider the effect that has on those already here. We are creating a  breeding-ground for the very people ISIS wants. Time to shut up.