Is Donald Trump the new Obama?

In his first, pivoted, ‘Presidential Donald’ address on the economy, Donald Trump sounded eerily familiar. That’s because Barack Obama has been saying the same thing, and trying to get the same ideas passed in Congress for eight years. Call it Donald-nomics all you want. Trump’s ideas were one hundred percent liberal overreach, the kind that Mitch McConnell has been fighting against since Barack Obama came into office.

Donald Trump has stolen a plank straight out of the Democratic platform. New, improved Obamanomics will build bridges and roads and infrastructure, so that America will be able to compete with foreign countries, and bring jobs back.

We have seen this before. Republicans stall on issues that could make the country stronger, only to rename and endorse the very same ideas when they take the presidency.

The problem becomes how you intend to pay for any new grand schemes, when a solid plank of your own platform is fiscal responsibility. Republicans have been stomping on this one for the last eight years. How do they now pivot to a ‘debt is good’ strategy?

Complicating this is yet another solid plank; defense spending. F-35’s aren’t cheap. Homeland Security wants more of the budget. Republican hawks have been saying for years that Barack Obama has been bleeding defense dry.

Republicans are in a crack, one that cutting Social Security cannot fix, even if they had the guts to go after cuts to social programs, which they do not. And Congress robbed the Social Security coffers in the eighties to proudly tout a balanced budget. There is nothing left to steal.

No matter. If elected, White Obama would probably get his stimulus plan. Defense and Homeland Security would get fat too. It’s called extremism in the defense of liberty, and as long as the right people are in office, the money spigot will be wide open.