A GOP War Against Donald Trump?

The 100 days war

The NY Times is reporting that mainstream GOP members are considering one hundred days of Trump-bashing. The plan may be to go mano-a-mano with party delegates in an effort to persuade them to vote for anyone but Trump. This is yet another bizarre example of a party that has more enemies within than without.

President Perry?

Even more bizarre are the names being bantered around by a group of Trump-usurpers. Can you believe Rick Perry? What about Tom Coburn? Which points out the most serious disadvantage to replacing Donald Trump; not having a replacement for Donald Trump.

Cruz and Kasich

Meanwhile, John Kasich and Ted Cruz fumble through the remaining primaries with little hope of making any difference in the end result; Donald Trump will win the Republican nomination, or the party will steal it from him.

Is there no one but Donald?

The truth is, there is no dynamic leader of the conservative movement, not one that can spark the fear and anger that Donald Trump uses so effectively. If such a person did emerge, what would be the difference? They would most certainly be as un-palatable to mainstream Republicans as Donald Trump.

Donald II?

Even more disturbing is an article by Amanda Taub in Vox, on the rise of authoritarianism. One conclusion drawn is that if there were no Donald Trump, another leader would emerge that would satisfy latent authoritarian tendencies that emerge in uncertain times. In short, get rid of this Donald and the voter’s will find another one.

Leaders and Authoritarians

This movement towards an authoritarian leader is not just an American phenomenon; in


“Everything in life is luck.”

Europe, the far right is once again in ascendancy. These are uncertain times in the West, and during uncertain times, people yearn for a leader who promises certainty. That is Donald Trump’s message, regardless of how unrealistic his solutions may be.


Crisis Voting

Does this signal the rise of authoritarian leaders across the West? Not exactly. We basically fall into many categories of people who, in varying degrees, fear uncertainty and want order. The hard line authoritarians do not constitute a majority in the U.S. However, a crisis, even a manufactured crisis, could spur latent authoritarian tendencies to emerge in a lot of voters. Donald Trump may only be the first of many Donald Trump’s in our future. And he could win.