Is This The End Of Donald Trump’s Fifteen Minutes?

Has the lipstick finally come off the GOP’s front-runner? Perhaps, but only in one specific instance. Evangelical voters are a squirrelly bunch. They vote less on actual faith than on the appearance of faith. Many of their leaders end up in the papers, the result of being engaged in some sort of perversion. It’s all that singing and hand waving. Like hate, it affects a body.

Donald Trump immediately reacted to the news that, heaven forbid, he was number two. In more ways than in the polls, we might add. Carson is weak. Carson is timid. Notice a pattern? Trump is the Vladimir Putin of American politics, a strong, dynamic leader; is anyone buying this crap? Yes, many.

Of course the polls are wrong. The Donald cannot ever admit that he is not number one. In fact, when his moment of fame is over, expect conspiracy theories attacking the RNC, his opponent’s skulduggery, and secret deals. He then remains the hero. At least in his own mind.

The anger and hatred that brought The Donald to this place will eventually wear a body down, but the truly warped do not go so gently into the political night, or wasteland. They will keep showing up, encouraging their supreme hater to press on, no matter the effect on the party, or the country. Haters gonna hate. Trump gonna lead them.