It’s a close race

Donny is banking on a close race, and let’s be honest, he isn’t very honest. So what if the governor of Texas or Florida goes off the rails and decides that he will select his electoral college members in spite of the returns?

Imagine a squeaker in Florida. It comes down to under one thousand votes. The winner takes the cheese. There are still votes to be counted because the election commission did not anticipate the number of voters turning out. And there is a question about some ballot boxes in Pensacola that may have disappeared.

Ron DeSantis, the governor who opened up the state of Florida for sales tax revenues because he drinks the Trump kool-aid, once again makes an executive decision. This vote is corrupt; he will select the Florida electoral college from the most staunch Republicans he can find, and in the great state of Florida, he can find some doozies.

Now, Donald Trump has been prepping for this very scenario. His ‘I Told You So’ speech in the Rose Garden that has no roses anymore stirs the confused to agree with him. After all, he predicted the vote would be corrupt. What more evidence do we need?

The ‘state militia’ from Michigan and parts west descend on the state of Florida brandishing their well-oiled masculinity to ‘ensure the will of the people,’ or some such bullshit. A Democratic candidate is beaten in a riot. Antifa responds, and riots ensue. The National Guard is called in to restore order.

The Supreme Courts digs into the Constitution, and finding no good reason to stop the madness, resorts to the Catholic Miscellany for guidance. After a quick phone conference with Timothy Dolan, the court finds some excuse to side with Governor DeSantis.

The right goes apeshit. The militia become the de facto arm of the government for all future court decisions and executive orders. Donny gets all new loan guarantees. And the country finally sinks into the swamp that Donny drained.

Sound absurd? After the year you just went through, this is beyond your comprehension? In that case, you deserve the government you get.