It’s wrong on so many levels – James Comey


Firing James Comey accomplished nothing

The investigation will continue, perhaps more earnestly than before. If there are subpoenas in the offing, they will be delivered. If not, we do indeed have a constitutional crisis, and that will have to be addressed by the party in power.

The reason is very suspicious

Protecting lying crooked Hillary? There are many who believe that Donald Trump was elected because of the Comey Surprise. That makes sense, Undecided voters were scared off by this last minute announcement by ‘Comrade Comey.’

The way James Comey was fired made the situation worse

There are ways to let a top official go, and there are ways not to. Donald Trump summarily fired a man without even facing him. That says a lot more about Donald Trump than it does about Comrade Comey. It is a cowardly way to fire a person.  James Comey should have been offered the chance to resign, or at least fired in person. It is also bad for the government. It disrupts continuity.

The timing is all wrong

Why do this now, months after the incident for which James Comey was fired? It is obvious that the dismissal of James Comey had more to do with ongoing investigations into the Trump Administration that it does about Hillary Clinton. That is laughable.

This stinks to high heaven

So many factors do not pass the smell test. Rumors abound concerning subpoenas, many of them, and threads of the investigation going in so many directions, it is absurd to allege that this firing is not about the Trump-Russia investigation.

It doesn’t make sense, unless there are bad times ahead for this nation.