J’accuse nobody! Sorry!

Jim Comey does an about face

The bizarre twist by James Comey in this most bizarre of all elections has come to a conclusion, at least we think. The FBI Chief has reiterated for the second time that he can’t find any smoking gun in the emails on the laptop of Anthony Weiner.

Defrauding voters

Comey now has a considerable amount of egg on his face. He has now concluded an investigation twice, once in the heart of the final moments of a bitter campaign. He influenced the course of an election like no other member of government ever has in the past, and he violated the spirit of the election by appearing to influence the outcome. There are many in this country who will never forgive him for this action.

Wheels of injustice

The FBI is tarnished. Conservatives smell pretty bad too. It all may have seemed at first to be an honorable act by an honorable man. Now it appears to be bad moves by a man influenced by his bros on the right. He should have known better. He didn’t.

How to rig an election

You don’t get fools to vote twice. You get honorable people to do dishonorable things. Comey should begin looking for his next challenge in life. He has failed this one.