Jobs Up, DOW peaks, Happy Fourth!


Opinion polls are like bowel movements; they come, and they go. The Frothing Right Wing has been quick and relentless in pointing out Barack Obama’s sad numbers, and not very quick to mention the numbers from their crowd, which are dismal. Congress sucks. John Boehner needs to have a good cry with his handlers; suing the President went down as well as shutting the government down for no reason.

People are hiring, not at breathtaking speeds, but they are hiring. That means demand is back. The DOW rose above 17,000 for the first time ever. Someone is optimistic.

And the right continues to scream that this is a false economy, funded by the Federal Reserve, it’s all a lie, created by bankers and Obama, to do what, we cannot imagine. Sometimes bowel movements get stuck, in those who dwell on them. Opinion polls too. But eventually, they go.

The conspiracy theories are all bogus. We are climbing out of a hole that bad management put us in. It will take longer this time, but not as long as it will take the next time, if we screw up again.