John Boehner’s Tan; Time For An Intervention?

He smokes. He drinks. He cries. He plays golf. Not enough reasons for an intervention with Mr. Speaker? Then let’s add one more; he tan’s.

And John Boehner tan’s with a vengeance. If that tan came from Cleveland, it came from a salon. They have’nt had that much sun up there since August.

It has to be the relentless pursuit of excellence. An excellent scratch golfing game. You don’t get a tan like that poring over legislation, hounding your base, or working for America.  The halls of power are dimly lit. The bright stars within? Even less candescent. The brilliance of this Congress only burn’s its citizens.

Inside this tortured Speaker, is there a course pro trying to get out? How can we help? :-)


Someone help this poor man.




boehner tan – Google Search.