John Hagee is at it again…

Pastor John Hagee once said, “Good people don’t go to heaven. Redeemed people go to heaven.” So for all the Hindus and Muslims, and Catholics even, hell awaits. But for the redeemed, the chosen, the anointed, eternal bliss.

If you watch the pastor, you will also know that Israel holds a special place in his heart, and in heart of God.

You see, in order for Jesus to come again, Hagee believes the Jews must return to their ancestral homeland and re-build the temple. It is written, and thus, so it shall be.

This will cause a great war in which Satan will be defeated by Jesus, ushering in the rapture, and we would imagine, a lot of Jewish converts to Christianity. Or something like that. It is unclear to those of us not anointed.

Hagee is a strong supporter of the Israeli hard right, and hence his influence in Washington is vital to their mission. Pastor Hagee has a lot of influence in Washington. Look for his mark in the formulation of foreign policy in the new congress. And keep your eyes on the heavens, as Pastor Hagee believes the signs are clear that the end of times draws nigh. If none of this makes any sense to you, it is because none of this makes any sense.

“I believe that the heavens are God’s billboard, that He has been sending signals to planet Earth, and we just haven’t been picking them up.”

– Pastor John Hagee

A John Hagee Fairytale: “Blood Moons” and The End of Times –