John Kasich – You Get Over It, Too!

Long ago, retirement meant living in chicken coops, because you could no longer afford to pay rent. If you are approaching retirement after the devastation of the Great Bush Depression, you are facing an uncertain time in your life when what you need most is some, yes, security.
The Republicans are so disconnected from average people that they cannot understand what fearing for the future feels like. They almost express a disgust for those in the middle class that have no security in their future. They seem to believe that it is not part of any problem they need to face. Government is not for taking care of people. They are wrong.
You don’t get over not having enough money to feed, clothe, and shelter yourself. The elderly are not cast out of We The People. They are not throwaways. John Kasich needs to flush out his head gear, and find a better answer. And a little humanity.