John Kasich Bows Out

Word on the street is John Kasich will pull the plug on his campaign soon. One is inclined to say that a moderate has left the race because he cannot get any traction.

Calling John Kasich a moderate borders on the surreal, but not when you consider the stable of wannabe’s that

John kasich

Kasich Throws In The Towel?

the GOP has running. John Kasich is moderate in no way at all, but he seems to understand how government works, and he dispels the populist myths of candidates like Donald Trump.

Kasich says he turned Ohio around, but the truth is Barack Obama did that when he bailed out GM. Reading Kasich’s platform, you would wonder why the Republican voters did not warm up to him. All state’s rights and less Washington.

What seems to be happening is the red-meat crowd are the only ones interested in politics right now, so they will determine who remains when the rest of the party decides to look for a president. So, the populist ninnies are the last men standing when the rest of the country decides to have a look-see. Dangerous politics. Flush out all the semi-rational candidates, and offer up a stable of dysfunctional ones. Is this a game plan?

A lot of people will not be fooled by the likes of Donald Trump. Jeb can’t get anyone inspired. Cruz scares even his fellow senators. Carson is history. Are we going to see Marco Rubio face down Hillary Clinton? Will this be like watching a pro-wrestler beat up your kid brother?

The Kasich Platform