Kelly Evans Meets The Real Rand Paul

courtesy CNBC

courtesy CNBC

Looking as dour and pruney as a candidate heading into November, Rand Paul showed Kelly Evans what happens when truth speaks to faux power.

Kelly is a host on CNBC, and the cutest woman alive. Rand is from Kentucky. He wants to be president, but not if it means being charming.

Rand said a few stupid things over the past few weeks. He said a woman should have a right to choose: whether her children should be vaccinated.

He said a corporate tax holiday would be a good thing. In short, he said a few things that don’t make much sense, and Kelly called him out on them.

Perhaps Rand had a bad lunch, or maybe he’s not getting enough fiber. No matter, he got pissed at Kelly for asking him about statements he himself made.

If this is how you respond to criticism a full year before the political season even begins, what can we expect from Rand in August of 2016, when he really is impacted with crap food from coast to coast, and a hundred starving reporters looking for blood watch his every move? This man is not ready for prime time.