Is Kerry The New Colin Powell?

John Kerry brought his a-game to Congress this week.  If you had a chance to see him in action, he was good. His answers were quick, and made sense. Years of attending senate hearings taught him a thing or two. But are his facts true?

To hear Kerry and company tell it, Bashar gassed his people, and thumbed his nose at us. His opponents are peace-loving secular freedom fighters. The bad elements are not a problem. This will change nothing. We are not here to depose Bashar, just slap him back, and make him quit. Not regime change, call it regime enhancement. Too bad Ho Chi Min isn’t around to hear this.

Kerry made it sound easy, and was quick to pounce on members of congress who tried to grandstand at his expense. McCain tried to trash him, but just a little.   The tea party did not make its usual embarrassing show of these hearings. A few yokels tried, and Kerry brushed them off with little problem. But there is a problem.

First, did the intelligence information come from Israel? Not exactly an unbiased party in this affair. They would love to have us in the Middle East forever.  Rumor is that some of the most damning evidence came from Israeli intercepted phone conversations in which regime members discussed the attack.

The freedom-loving secular fighters don’t pass the smell test either. The factions vying for control of the Middle East are so intertwined, enmeshed on so many levels, the idea that this is a secular battle by Syrians is a joke. Who will get the upper hand after we leave?

Once again, this is a unilateral action. That means we take the heat, while Europe sits on its collective hands. Even Great Britain passed on this one. Do I hear mobile nerve-gas labs approaching? What does Colin Powell have to say about all this?