Kevin McCarthy bolts out of the gate

Getting shit on your shoes is part of what happens when you walk to school. It’s no different in Washington, and no one knows that better than Kevin McCarthy. He just got schooled by the best. Leadership is hard. Land mines are everywhere, and they are the big doberman pinscher ones.  (No little foo-foo dogs here, unless you are thinking of Jason Chaffetz.) When you step on one of these, you can’t just wipe your shoe on the grass. It doesn’t work that way.
Which is why John Boehner was aloof most of the time, responding only when necessary, staying under the radar. He stepped in so many piles of poo that he finally holed up in his office waiting for a good time to quit.
McCarthy needs to understand that there are as many piles of Republican poo as Democratic ones, laid carefully in his path to stink up his shiny new shoes. :-)

Kevin McCarthy strips off the Benghazi committee’s thin veneer of credibility, and plays right into Dems’ hands VIDEO

Source: Kevin McCarthy’s silver-plated gift to Hillary Clinton: What his Benghazi blunder reveals about the GOP’s warped priorities