The King of Stupidity

Remember when lunch counters could refuse you service?

Representative Steve King (R-IA) calls being gay ‘self professed behavior’, which we think means you are gay because you want to be gay. It is a conscious decision, like deciding to eat Chinese for lunch. But not in decent, god-fearing restaurants. They should have a right to serve you based on your sexual orientation.

‘Homosexuality cannot be independently verified..’

Using the same brilliance, one can deduce that heterosexuals can get up one day and decide they prefer having sex with their own. Maybe Rep. King can do that, but for most of us, our sexuality is hard-wired.

Where do these people come from? This one hails from Iowa, which every four years begins the decision process that results in our choice for President of the United States. That should be enough to scare you, but if you need more incentive, the Iowa caucuses are coming soon. Be astounded.