Laura Ingraham: Pundits Who Err "Should Lose [Their] Pundit License"

Laura Ingraham: Pundits Who Err "Should Lose [Their] Pundit License"

ED MORRISSEY: Well I think we’re talking about the difference between a Republican primary electorate and a general electorate, and I still think that you have a point here too. I mean, again I think people have underestimated Donald Trump for the last year, to their own detriment. 

LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): Oh, you think?

MORRISSEY: And so I’m not saying that he can’t do this. I’m not saying he can’t do this. He can–

INGRAHAM: You know what we’re saying is that Wisconsin was his Waterloo, or someone, I don’t know if it was you, “Wisconsin is his Waterloo.” What? What are you talking about? These people have just been wrong. We need a report card on the wrong-headed analysis of the pundit class and then you should, like a lawyer, if you screw up case after case and there’s like literal negligence on your part, you just don’t know the country and you’re wrong after wrong, at some point you should lose your pundit license. I mean, honestly. It’s just — “It’s a Waterloo! Wisconsin’s a Waterloo!” Oh yeah, he’s about to win 95 delegates in New York and probably handily in places like Maryland and Pennsylvania and et cetera, et cetera.


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Laura Ingraham: Pundits Who Err "Should Lose [Their] Pundit License"