Less Regulation? We Think Not.

Less Regulation? We Think Not.

What is wrong with our country? Why, taxes are too high, and business is too regulated, so sayeth the right. The newest talking points from the business crowd is all about deregulation. The story they are telling is that intense regulation is putting the brakes on the economy; if we loosen the reigns, the economy will take off.

Meanwhile out west, a severe drought is making water a luxury, and one company is making a lot of money selling it. Water. They are selling water in a drought. Now that is good business. But letting business run wild eventually hurts business as badly as it hurts the consumer.

Need a good reason to rethink regulatory bodies? Take a sip of this from Mint Press.

Nestle Continues Stealing World’s Water During Drought

The Nestlé Water Bottling Plant in Sacramento is the target of a major press conference on Tuesday, March 17, by a water coalition that claims the company is draining up to 80 million gallons of water a year from Sacramento aquifers during the drought.

via Nestle Continues Stealing World’s Water During Drought.