Liz and Dick – Together Again

Mention Liz and Dick, and you evoke memories of Hollywood royalty, glamour, and beautiful people. Not in this case. WSJ presents another Liz and Dick, full of acrimony amidst the crisis in the Middle East. It takes a lot of gall to wreck an entire region and blame it on the guy who has to clean it up. But gall is one trait of which this Liz and Dick have plenty.

The Collapsing Obama Doctrine

Few people understand a failed doctrine better than Dick Cheney. The neo-conservative promise of conquering the world through strength of arms, and building new nations, conceived in liberty, and dedicated to the US, has failed as many times as the marriages of the original Liz and Dick.

Rarely has a U.S. president been so wrong about so much at the expense of so many. Too many times to count, Mr. Obama has told us he is “ending” the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan—as though wishing made it so.

If Barack Obama is to be blamed for another disastrous peace with honor, who can we blame for the failure of nation-building? Dick Cheney would be a good start. Add Rummy and Wolfy for good measure,

“Why is he walking away?”

Somewhere in the neo-conservative fantasy that is the Middle East, people like Dick Cheney have come to the mis-understanding that, in the end, they were right, and that if only Barack Obama had stayed the course, some sort of miracle would have occurred, where democracy would take root and flourish. Ignore Libya and Egypt. Ignore history. Democracy does not happen that way.

The Cheney’s pay  no attention to the collapse of democracy in the region, the splintering of tribes into anarchic sharia law, the dissolution of borders, and the Sunni-Shia violence. They maintain that it would have worked if only we had stayed longer. Well, in their defense, they may be right. The US finally became one nation; eighty years and a bloody war after we were formed. Was that the long-term plan that no one ever mentioned during the Bush Administration? Were we supposed to stay for eighty years?

Oh, no she din’t

This hatchet job reeks of Dick and his trolls. If Liz helped write it, she needs guidance, and not from Dick. Liz’s name may have been added to keep her relevant, which at this time she is not. Her other sister made that abundantly clear during the Wyoming Massacre. Even sheep-dogs could not be convinced to endorse her, and for good reason; sheep dogs are smart, and, one might argue, better looking. Liz Cheney is the legacy that wasn’t, from a man who left the nation worse off than he found it.

Is that the purpose of this seamy delusion? To convince himself that he was right, because if he was wrong, he is responsible for the harshest blow this country has ever taken. Two failed wars. An economy in shambles. America reduced to second-class status.  Admitting you were wrong may not be possible.

Neo-conservatism is finished

Rattling sabers is no longer a foreign policy option. Dick Cheney may not understand this. It takes economic power to rule a global economy. You can deal from a position of strength, but it has to be economic strength. Military might as a foreign policy tool began to wane during the war that Dick Cheney didn’t fight. What we should have learned from Vietnam, we forgot during the Reagan and Bush I years, when we successfully engaged in ‘weekend wars’ that were successful, and largely irrelevant. Blaming Barack Obama for the Middle East is a fantasy held by people who cannot ever admit the truth: the world has changed. Neo-conservatism is finished.

via Dick Cheney and Liz Cheney: The Collapsing Obama Doctrine – WSJ.