Marco Rubio on Francis

Young men cannot resist opening their mouths when older, wiser men know to shut up. Marco Rubio is no different. Faced with a mesmerizing presence like Pope Francis, the little boy from Florida could not button his lip on subjects like poverty in America, or climate change around the world. He had to say something.

But Marco Rubio only knows what his handlers tell him. He has no positions.  He must defend conservative talking points that garner him votes, and conservatives have been denying climate change since forever, even in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary. They cannot reverse their position. So, Marco Rubio makes absurd statements even as his home state faces the worst effects of climate change. Francis warns of the consequences of ignoring this growing threat. If you lived in Florida, a state that is all of 3 feet above sea level, what course of action would you consider? Who you gonna believe?

Conservatives also believe that poor people are just lazy moochers. This is America, and everyone has the same opportunity as everyone else to live large, and drive sporty. If you are poor, you have only yourself to blame. If you coddle these poor moochers, they will only become dependent on a socialist state bent on sucking life out of capitalism. Marco Rubio responds with the same tired argument about how making the rich richer will make the poor rich. What nonsense. This flies in the face of evidence which suggests that low wages and lost industries have decimated the middle class, and that many kids go to bed hungry at night. The Pope is right to bring it up. Marco Rubio is an idiot to contradict him.

A wiser man would have smiled and shut up. A wiser man would have realized that neither argument could be won, and why fight anyway? The voters have already been brainwashed to believe what conservatives want them to believe.

Young men are fools. Everyone knows that. Which is why they should never be president.