Meaningless Government

Welcome to meaningless governance. The newest GOP ploy is about religion. We should have seen it coming. On the floor of the house, the Bible wing of the Republican Party, led by Joe Wilson, is fighting the good fight to allow our service members to pray.  The special resolution would allow ministers on furlough to go back to work.  The remarks are heated, and full of righteous indignation. And full of  bad gas. Yes, the President has done this foul deed. He has kicked Jesus out of the hearts of millions of men fighting for our country all over the world.

Republicans don’t have to say Barack Obama is not a Christian. They don’t have to say we are fighting to keep religion in the military, against the forces of an evil administration bent on God-less liberalism. To the voters, isn’t that obvious?

And Republicans sure don’t want to say that they started this whole mess. That  they are using a calamity they created to blame the other side for all kinds of heresy. So, they offer resolutions to the catastrophe they created. Anything to avoid addressing the real problem; the government needs to be funded, in its entirety.

Republicans have burned down the house, and now stand on the front steps, peeing into the front door, telling the American people they are doing their best to help. It’s going to take a lot of conservative loyalty to believe this nonsense.