Meet The Benghazi Inquisitors

Remember when Geraldo Rivera opened Al Capone’s vault on live television, while millions watched on the edge of their seats, only to find nothing? Welcome to Benghazi, The Inquisition. Trey and the gang promised a thrill-ride to the truth. The whole world tuned in to see. Eleven hours later, they all tuned out. The inquisitors came away empty-handed and looking like real dirt-bags. Hillary looked better than when she walked into the hearing. Let’s review the cast of characters and see how badly they fared.

Jim Jordan went after the most obscure and largely debunked comments moments during and after the attack. Why? He tried to insinuate that the administration was lying to the American people weeks before an election, which made no sense; merely days later, the administration stated that the attack on the Benghazi compound was an act of terrorism. He went on and on about this for several sessions. It appears he never made the connection.

Peter Roskam tried to say that the entire Libyan initiative was Hillary’s idea. His line of questioning had nothing to do with the attack, or emails. Perhaps he believed that he could just lay the whole affair in her lap, and that was sufficient. It wasn’t. His was the weakest of the questioning.

Martha Roby demonstrated to the world that Hillary Clinton was not the coldest, most distant, heartless person on the planet. Not even close. Martha never really had a line of questions that was designed to lead anywhere, except some bizarre notion of when the Secretary went home the evening of the attack. She was trying to imply that Hillary ‘clocked out’ and went home the night of the attack for a nice sitz-bath. Martha came off as the most bizarre of the inquisitors, but not the most vicious. That was Susan Brooks.

Susan Brooks had a hair malfunction and showed up for the inquisition in a bad mood. Her main line of questioning seemed to relate to the number of emails in 2011 as opposed to those in 2012. This is beyond idiotic. Of course, the deaths of four people in an embassy compound would have initially generated a lot of correspondence. A year later, not as much. Susan seemed to be implying that meant something. We are not sure what.

Nick Pompeo seemed to believe that Ambassador Chris Stevens did not have enough access to the Secretary of State, who happens to oversee 70,000 employees and every crisis and hotspot in the world. He wondered if Hillary and Chris were not really friends at all. Apparently he has never heard of work-friends. Or he does not have any.

Lynn Westmoreland is the brightest bulb in the committee tree. He comes off with this country-boy corn-dog demeanor, but he is all bull-dog. He weaved some good lines of questioning about security, and tried to put the blame on Hillary. Trouble is, the Secretary is not the chief security officer. He tried to tie the lack of security to Hillary, and he came close, but in the end he could not.

Finally, there was the leader, Trey Gowdy, the big cheese who spent most of his time arguing with his fellow committee members. He came off as a real butt-hole when he allowed his members extra time to grill Hillary, and then refused to discuss the issue as it would waste time. It looked sleazy, and it was. Worse, prior to the inquisition he commented that big surprises would be revealed at the hearing, but nothing new of any importance was ever discussed. The smoking gun was not there, and Hillary did not utter a gaffe that would follow her for the next twelve months.

The Benghazi Committee held a meeting full of sound and fury that signified nothing. A lot of time and money wasted, and there is nothing to show for it. Time to end the Benghazi farce.