Trump’s Border Tax Only Hurts You


So, this is the story so far. Mexico’s president refuses to pay for the wall. The US president threatens a border tax. The Mexican president then cancels a meeting in light of this threat. The US president says nanny-nanny-boo-boo, we cancelled the meeting too, so there. Welcome to American foreign policy in the Trump era.

What does a wall do?

So, what does a wall mean to you? Not much anymore, unless it keeps illegal immigrants from leaving. You see, the mass influx of illegal immigrants has reversed in the last few years. Jobs in America are harder to get, which makes coming here a waste of time.

What does a border tax do?

A border tax will increase the prices of goods being sent from Mexico, or any country Donald Trump gets angry at, and will cost more for consumers here. So, regardless of what the new administration says, Mexico will not pay for this wall. You will, every time you go to the store. And the increase in prices won’t just affect tacos and tequila. Mexico manufactures car parts, and refrigerators.

How will bringing jobs back here affect you?

The same way. Your prices will go up, on any manufactured item that requires labor. We simply cannot pay workers good wages here, and compete with workers in Mexico.

What will manufacturers do?

What they are doing right now. Create a robot work-force, one that does not call in sick, and take time off. Our new Labor Secretary is keen on this idea.

The net result of a trade war with Mexico, or China, or anyone, is that we will pay more, workers will not reap any rewards, and our ability to compete will be hampered. Free trade has been proven to be the right course for decades.

Robotic workforces are here.