Moderate This

A great pile-on of hypocritical righteously indignant politicians has come out in favor of fair and balanced moderators. Yes, they want questions, but kinder and gentler ones. What crap. We need tougher questions that get to the root of the bogus promises and bad ideas this crowd is coming up with.

It’s a liberal conspiracy

No, it is not. Questions about economics are mostly mathematic. If you say you are going to cut taxes, someone needs to ask how you intend the balance the budget. If you say you have a solution to entitlements, show us the numbers. If you say cutting corporate taxes will create more jobs for everyone, well, you are at best an idiot.

The same goes for invading Syria, fighting with Iran, and deporting immigrants. These are all great hot-button issues, but the promises being made are ridiculous. We are not going to deport eleven million people. Someone needs to call these politicians out on ridiculous promises that accomplish nothing but stir up the angry and ignorant.

We need more conservative moderators

No we don’t. We need more moderators willing to call these clowns out, on both sides, and let the voters see how they react when the foolish things they have been saying are reduced to campaign blabber. CNBC was right to ask the questions they did. So was Megyn Kelly. If you moderate the moderators, no one is going to spend two hours being spoon-fed the notions of politicians who have been thrown soft-balls. Give voters credit for having more common sense.

Every moderator a primary-voting Republican

A complete joke. In many states, liberals can vote in conservative primaries. It does not make them conservatives. It does not make the questions any more relevant. Having Britt Hume and George Will moderate eleven debates is guaranteed to put the viewers to sleep. Why not call a debate the Fox News Sunday Special Edition? Can you hear them tuning out? We need a little excitement to get through two hours of this nonsense.

The debate format is wrong

The most laughable idea is to let the candidates spend the first hour talking about themselves. They each end up getting maybe two questions that way, and after all, are question really why we are here? Yes, they are, you idiot.

The only thing wrong is that the promises made by this batch of clowns do not make much sense, and when a moderator asks them questions about those promises, they don’t have any good answers. That is not a debate problem, nor is it a moderator problem. That is an ideas problem.