Morning Joe Blows

For the first time since MSNBC was created, the prison documentaries are more interesting than the news. Let me rephrase that. Segments about gay men dressing like women in prison, and the men who have sex with them, are now more interesting than Morning Joe.

There. I’ve said it. MSNBC sucks.

The flagship Morning Joe has fallen into a rut. Mika and Joe look like rich people who have nothing better to do. They show up to massage their fragile egos. The guests are not very interesting.  The content is uninteresting. The flow is gone. All the elements are there, but they are not coming together.

Shoot the producer.

Please note. Nicolle Wallace does not have anything to say. She is an older version of Liz Cheney.  Dancing bears are more interesting.

Barnicle excels when he has someone to bounce ideas off.  So get him someone.

Halperin is trying to become the next Brit Hume. Challenge him. He’s like a boxer alone in the ring.

The constant interruptions by Joe Scarborough do not add to the ambience. They are annoying, and ruin the flow.  We are tired of hearing about the good old days, when he was in Congress, Newt Gingrich was the GOP’s darling, he balanced the budget, and Social Security was robbed blind. I wonder why no one brings that up?

Take Mika off the Ambien. I don’t think she’s conscious. She looks like she is dreaming she has a job. If she continues to act super-sophisticated, find someone else.  She’s not that good. And tell her to pee-pee whack Joe every time he interrupts.

Gelding Willie Geist was not a good move. I am sure the paycheck is nice, but does the world need another Matt Lauer? I think not.  Willie used to have a delightful edge. Now he has television face. Give him his balls back.

Lose those awful segue photos of cool Joe and sexy Mika in New York. If they were models, or interesting even, it might work. The pictures make them look ridiculous.

It is easy to run the Fox News Network. Yellow journalism works because you are telling people what they want to hear. Blonds in cocktail dresses who have nothing to say are infinitely preferable to talking heads that drone on endlessly.

If MSNBC wants to challenge Fox, they have to come out with people and stories that pop, not devolve into mind-numbing chatter from the same, tired folks. MSNBC needs a fresh approach. Not a new website.