Morning Joke

Joe Scarborough uttered an unbelievable statement of ignorance this morning on Morning Joke, the MSNBC show that everyone loves to hate; Joe asked where the United Nations were in times like these.

Well Joe, about the time you were a representative from the great state of Florida, conservatives started belly-aching about how the UN was trying to be come a one-world order, how they wanted to take over our military, and how they were mostly a bunch of commies because they would not agree with every ridiculous position we took. So, those same idiots refused to pay dues to keep the UN running. And they started talking about how the US would act unilaterally. You see, at the time we put boots on the ground in places like Grenada, and won spectacular victories against opponents that might as well have been in the stone age. We were feeling like big dogs. The porch was ours.

Not so anymore, with a corrupt military that costs too much, debt we cannot get rid of, and an economy that is adjusting to the new world order we refused to acknowledge was coming our way. What better time to start bitching about the UN that we so clearly gutted when we were on top. What absolute hypocrisy. A republican bitching about the UN they strangled. It is almost as bad as calling France our ‘first ally’ after demanding freedom fries. The world should fear us; we are acting nuts.

Joe and Mika contemplate whirled peas. From Vanity Fair.

Morning Joe is one of the most-watched shows on MSNBC, and that ain’t saying much. Ratings have been tanking for years, and Morning Joke, as we refer to it, has become more vapid and meaningless, as Joe Scarborough issues long and monotonous statements designed to provoke controversy, and get the network out of a dismal third place. In an attempt to stave off a catastrophe, the network ran to the center, hoping to become the one thing that no one wants; straight news. Results have been modest. The network is mired in third. Joe Scarborough is doing his part though, attacking the President, attacking the candidates, attacking anyone to get some traction on a network going nowhere.

The UN is dead, Joe. You and your friends killed it.