Morning Sickness


The horks just keep coming. Ted Cruz is threatening to bag the highway bill. Meanwhile the bridges are falling down. Conservatives have unleashed a juggernaut against the Iran deal. We have not seen this level of commitment since that negro in the white house signed a bill to help the average guy get health insurance. Socialist bastard. This fight is going to be brutal; all lies, fear, and dread. No alternatives, though, unless we put boots back in the middle east.
Would you pass the waste-basket? I think I need to toss again.

Liz Hasselbeck defines armed and dangerous

The Surgeon General’s warning is enough for Liz Hasselbeck. Who knows what kind of damage a cigarette can do in the hands of a crazed killer, or even a lady at a traffic stop? Hope that bullet-proof vest can withstand the onslaught.

Open Season on lions and black folks?

It would be nice if for at least one week, we did not hear any more horror stories about cops shooting blacks for not having a license plate, or endangered species being shot so some twisted looney can get his jollies. What is this, open season on brothers and lions?

Be happy in your work

Cause you may be doing it for longer than you expected. Kinder, gentler Jeb wants us all to work until we are seventy.

Real Men Tan

John Boehner knows how to govern. Leave town. Play golf. Schmooze with the money. The nation’s problems can wait.  Wally World is open.