Morning Sickness

Morning Sickness

Grab a waste-basket. Here it comes…

The media is message; the truth is optional.

It doesn’t matter what you say on television, just keep saying it in the form of a question. ‘Did Hillary Clinton kill everyone in the Behghazi compound? We’ll talk with two experts after this…’ As long as you continue to ask leading questions you are only guilty of being a clown.


Speaking of Hillary

The annoncement bump didn’t last long, and for good reason. The Clinton’s have never been press people. The New York Times seems to have a grudge against them, and more importantly, Hillary may be warm and fuzzy in person, but on the campaign trail she lacks that personal touch that makes voters feel good about her. Small wonder that some don’t trust her, given years of Bengahazi and email-gate. Both are bogus claims by House duds, but Hillary needs to take a few lesson from the master of campaigns, her hubby. Stay on message, learn how to smile, and feel their pain.

For some, the Civil War is never over

Never give up; never surrender! The rebel flag controversy has raised the profile of groups like this. No white sheets, but ideas that are the same. In the opinion of some really disturbed people, Abe Lincoln did not unite this nation. What a shame.


League Of The South