Morning Sickness

Morning Sickness

Monday morning heaves are the most pronounced. The weekends fill you up.

Rand Paul accuses voters of temporary insanity

Well, to be honest, he would know. If your philosophy on life is guided by a Russian lunatic with a personality disorder, insanity is a close friend. Rand is sagging in the polls because America wants something else. The Randian ubermensch is a fantasy even Ayn Rand struggled with; in the words of Richard Burton in a not-so-good movie, ‘We can’t be supermen all the time. It wears you out. It really wears you out.’

Ayn, is pronounced, ‘eye-n’

Republicans created this monster

The tea-party-libertarian-less-government-keep-your-hands-off-my-goddam-check crowd didn’t just fall out of the elephant’s ass. It was nurtured by Republicans who made this their mantra since the fantasy days of Ronnie Reagan, when the ship of state was guided by tarot cards and soothsayers. Now this modern-day Frankenstein has the party by the balls. Republicans have no one to blame but themselves. You have been usurped by the worst of your creation.

Guns don’t kill people, and healthcare doesn’t heal them?

How many good people have to die before we recognize these lies? Your right to own a weapon should not interfere with our right to watch a movie without being shot by one of your kind. And we should not have to lose our homes and all that we worked for just to battle cancer in our loved ones. It ain’t right. Your actions are not protecting Americans, and you know it. You are placing good people in harm’s way.