Morning Sickness

Morning Sickness

Vomit your way to the top of the heap. The vomit heap.

Global warming takes a hit; Mitch McConnell too!

When we are standing in a pile of burning cinders, some conservative clown will stand there stony-faced and unconvinced that global warming is at least in part our fault. Barack Obama struck back against these clowns with the Clean Power Plan, a stick in the eye of Big Coal and in the ass of Mitch McConnell, lovingly referred to as the Evil Turtle of the Senate.
Talk about pissed. The Presidential Race will pale in comparison to this fight, made even more ironic by the fact that while we scale down our coal use, the coal industry exports more, and West Virginia gets flatter. Barack Obama has a plan for that too, encouraging the likes of China to begin scaling back on fossil fuels, and think about clean air and water. Do not breathe easy, though. The Evil Turtle will have his revenge.

Journalists are not the problem

Wanna know why we prefer journalists over politicians? When a journalist steps on his dick, every other journalist chides him, but when a party in Congress does, they band together in solidarity, or announce they are running for office. Journalism, sullied by the death of print, and the rise of blonde ambition, still has more integrity by far.

There’s something about Carly

While the other candidates on stage last night spouted the usual garbage, there was something in Carly Florina’s voice that spoke real hatred for Hillary Clinton. We think Carly has a real vicious streak in her. She was not being catty. We think she was being herself. Urrrp.