Morning Sickness

Morning Sickness

Chunks are chunks, but mine are bigger.

Kinder, Gentler Jeb

Remember to buy extra dog-food; mom and dad are coming to live with you. They can sleep in the garage with the dog. It’s the kinder, gentler conservative way of dealing with the old people problem that does not raise taxes on the rich. That would be a job killer, and after all, old people are yesterday’s news. Who cares if they get cold out there?

The old, the sick, the doomed.

Would the same kind of monster that would kill a lion for a trophy shackle a child to teach him a lesson? Even a child challenged with disabilities? The sick, the weak, the old, and the disabled do not fit into the world of the libertarian ubermensch. They did not fit into Adolf Hitler’s world either. He gassed them, along with the Jews he hated. Jacob Brownowski said in ”The Ascent of Man”, that in certain situations, humans become numbers, and numbers are easy to deal with. There is no humanity in them.

Let them eat cake

She continues to astound. You would think that in fifty years of living, even without thinking, Sarah Palin would find one small sliver of truth.