Morning Sickness – Debate Day

Morning Sickness – Debate Day

Size doesn’t matter. It’s all about quality puke. Tonight the candidates square off in something, we are not sure what. This is debate day. A clash of tit-mice, most likely, but maybe the start of something more. Regardless, it’s going to be a hurl-fest for the viewers.

Many are culled, a few are chosen

Fox News has made their choices. It has chosen those conservative voices they see fit to be allowed to debate the great questions of our time. Grab your vomit bag. The hurling begins tomorrow night. Too bad they didn’t sort by common sense. Oh, right.
Trump, Bush, Walker, Huckabee, Carson, Cruz, Rubio, Paul, Christie, and Kasich will round out the first stage in the Fox Big Debate. Trump currently leads the pack of rats. He has so much to say, after all, so much that is relevant to the base; hatred, anger, fear.

That leaves Perry, Jindal, Fiorina, Graham, Pataki, and Jim Gilmore in the Chopped Liver Debate. Held in prime time? Nope, drive time. Who cares. All the fireworks will be Thursday night. The big question; who is Jim Gilmore?

It’s nice to let Fox News decide who will be president. It’s so much easier.

Make a Fox squirm

The Donald has put some real pressure on his fellow candidates, but nothing compared to the pressure he has placed on the debate questioners. Chris Wallace can throw softballs all day. The toughest question Mitt Romney ever got was his birth date. But Wallace, Bret Baier, and Megyn Kelly have to tread a thin line between lame-stream media, and media-wing for the GOP. Then there’s Donald. A knock-down fight would be great for ratings, and shitty for the Republicans. A good row could conceivably put all the candidates in a bad light. It could also alienate Trump’s base, which, it must be said, is Fox’s base. Slam Trump at your peril. Slam Jeb and you might harm Hillary’s only real threat. Is there a fair and balanced solution for high ratings, good conservative television, and competition for Hillary? Stay tuned.

Cecil’s cubs will probably die

Cecil was part of a duo with another lion called Jericho. Lions form partnerships in order to fend off other teams. Now Jericho is alone. He will not be able to fight another team. The cubs are in a dangerous place. The dentist Palmer did not kill a single lion. He killed a family.