Morning Sickness

Feel like you want to throw up? Morning sickness is a state of media. Let us assist you.

Gunning for Boehner

It’s all theatrics. John Boehner has too many buds in the House, and too many donors. But it tells us how fractured the GOP is right now. Wonder why the Donald is doing so well? The party is splitting.

Save the lions. Hunt a dentist.

Fox un Fruenden led with a question, as they usually do. Was the killing of Cecil the lion the fault of the dentist, or his guide? The dentist, who finds the killing of endangered animals some sort of perverse thrill. Is this a man-hood issue? It’s a gutless issue.

Morning Schmoe – Is he worse than the Donald?

Joe Scarborough rails against a bad deal with Iran. We’ll side with the nuclear experts and common sense. Having ten years to bring Iran into the fold makes a lot more sense than following Bibi into a war with the most strategically located country in the middle east. Let’s do something smart for once over there.

Happy Birthday, Socialist Moocher State

Medicare and Medicaid turn fifty, but relentless attacks by the Grand Old Party make the future prognosis poor. It is without a doubt a great program, and one that could live a long time with a little care, and a very small rise in taxes, but the lunatic right would have you believe that keeping it spells death for America. It would be better if those who were not fortunate enough in life leave this world. So, tell me again who runs the death squads?