MSNBC loses Martin Bashir

The network that lost its way has lost far more. Martin Bashir quits over a comment about ex-fishwife Sarah Palin. Just a few more talented souls to go, and MSNBC can devolve into whatever the hell it is trying to become.

Palin has been belching such ridiculous crap for so long, it is a wonder that no one at MSNBC has not stepped in it before now. She is the queen of moronic ideas, and she quickly wears thin to anyone who ever put one thought after another. Like Bashir.

An apology was called for, but with a nod and a wink. When you interview a complete fraud like Lara Logan did, you need to resign. When you shovel it right back at Sarah Palin, you need a raise.

Something else must have happened.

Bashir gave the network a thinking man’s view of the crass political climate in America without putting the audience to sleep. He could concisely explain the topic and quiz guests. He could present the topics that were relevant to the story. In short, he had  qualities MSNBC does not seem to find very attractive. Intelligence. Good delivery. Relevant stories. Good guests. And he was interesting.

Not that you cannot find these qualities in many of the other talking heads over at MSNBC. There are other faces equally as intelligent, who understand the stories that need to be told, and interview guests that need to be on the air.

But they are boring.

There is no spark. After fifteen minutes you find that subconsciously you have changed the channel, and when you come to, you realize you’ve just spent twenty minutes watching Proactiv clean goobers off twenty-somethings that look like Quasimodo. And you don’t switch the channel back.

What is happening at MSNBC? What is the game plan? Who is setting this course? Somewhere in 30 Rockefeller Plaza there is an office that needs to have blood all over the walls, but it is not Martin Bashir’s.