“Never Let A Crisis Go To Waste”: Fox Hosts Bash Loretta Lynch For Appearing On Sunday Political Shows

“Never Let A Crisis Go To Waste”: Fox Hosts Bash Loretta Lynch For Appearing On Sunday Political Shows

STEVE DOOCY (CO-HOST): Never let a crisis go to waste. And that could be why they dispatched [Attorney General] Loretta Lynch to five Sunday shows yesterday, which is a little reminiscent of Susan Rice pushing the idea after the September 11 terror bombing in [Benghazi] and the murder of our fellow Americans.

RUDY GIULIANI: Well that’s my objection to it. Not necessarily the merits of the legislation. The reality is they’re trying to change what they like to call the narrative. What’s the narrative? The narrative is a weak president in the last four years and in the last four months and five months has had more terror attacks than we’ve had since I don’t know when. His weakness is unbelievable. He refuses to identify our enemy. He refused to do anything in Syria for five years, drew 12 red lines and backed off. And some people are saying he created at least some of the atmosphere in which this happened. And he’s trying to get some of that pressure off himself and Hillary Clinton.

AINSLEY EARHARDT (CO-HOST): Perfect example. He’s sending out Loretta Lynch to talk on the Sunday shows, and during her appearances, she talks about altering the transcripts, the 9-1-1 transcripts

DOOCY: Cleaning them up.

EARHARDT: From the guy in Orlando, saying we’re going to take out Islamic terrorism. Listen.


LORETTA LYNCH: What we’re announcing tomorrow is that the FBI is releasing a partial transcript of the killer’s calls with law enforcement from inside the club. 

CHUCK TODD: Including the hostage negotiation part of this?

LYNCH: Yes, it will be primarily a partial transcript of his calls with the hostage negotiators.

TODD: You say partial, what’s being left out?

LYNCH: Well what we’re not going to do is further proclaim this individual’s pledges of allegiance to terrorist groups and further his propaganda. The reason why we’re going to limit these transcripts is to avoid re-victimizing those who went through this horror, but it will contain the substance of his conversations.


BRIAN KILMEADE (CO-HOST): That’s a different philosophy from what you had.

GIULIANI: Well that would mean during the Second World War, if I called up and said “I am part of the Nazi movement, I’ve joined here in the United States, and I’m going kill 49 Americans,” and we left out “Nazi movement.” There’s a degree of denial here that is dangerous for the country. That degree of denial helps to cause the terrorists to be encouraged to commit more attacks. 


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“Never Let A Crisis Go To Waste”: Fox Hosts Bash Loretta Lynch For Appearing On Sunday Political Shows