North Carolina Keeps Getting Creepier

Governor Pat McCrory is taking North Carolina where few states have gone before, courtesy of a state legislature that is willing to pass any law, no matter how outrageous.

Diversity and inclusion be damned in North Carolina. The state has just passed a law dubbed ‘the worst anti-LGBT bill in the entire nation.’ It seems that according to the state leaders, gay and transgender folk deserve no special legislation. They are already protected in the same laws that protect farmers and regular people.

Of course, not too many farmers get beaten and raped for farming, at least not that we have heard of recently. And the ruling sends a signal to law enforcement. No special consideration for any community. You lock up a guy in a dress. He goes in general population. Caitlin Jenner, don’t visit North Carolina.

And don’t try using the restrooms if you happen to stop in North Carolina on the way to Miami. Men and women only, please. You trannies go where you package used to go before you became so weird. If you get beat up, file a report, just like normal people do, or how about act like we do, and maybe no one will beat you up. Maybe you deserve a little North Carolina tough love.

Why would any state become so obsessed with the LBGT community? The city of Charlotte tried to enact a law protecting LGBT’s from discrimination in public housing, employment, and like venues. The legislature saw this as an assault on moral upright family values. Family values are big in the Bible Belt. Plus, LBGT’s are probably sexual perverts who will prey on our children. They want to use any bathroom they like so they can look for willing or maybe not-so-willing victims of their perverse lifestyles. In the evangelical south, gays are created, not born. And if you pray hard enough, you can become straight, and normal. And you should, by the way.

North Carolina was once the shining star of the forward-looking south. It drew talent from all over the country to what was dubbed the ‘Research Triangle.’ We guess to the average North Carolinian, the state was looking too far forward. Conservatives captured the legislature and the governor’s office, and the rest is a history in reverse. Now the only perverts are in the legislature, where they can work against progressive ideas, as all God-fearing legislators should.


Human Rights Campaign