Notes on the DOD hearings

To hear the row of generals, sitting at a recent hearing of the impact of sequesters on military readiness, you would think the Pentagon is having bake sales to fund the mission. No so. By far the largest part of the annual budget, the military is a bloated behemoth that cannot manage itself.

  • Billions in cost overruns for toys that may not have a purpose.  Another aircraft carrier? What for?
  • Over 700 bases in 120 countries, most monuments to a strategy that was outmoded in the last century. The era of fixed battle emplacements ended in WWI.
  • Time for the EU to step up. Bases in Germany? Let Angela Merkel write that check. We won the cold war, so thank us already.
  • Advanced fighters that in a decade will not be able to withstand an attack from a drone that you can build for a fraction of the cost. This is simple math.
  • Military bases in every state, that only serve as a welfare vehicle, and a sure vote for the next expensive toy the military wants.
  • New super guns. The Taliban fight us with WWII era weapons. Sadly, they seem to work quite well.

The generals sit in front of Congress and all agree that they will not be able to ‘complete the mission’ at current funding.

The mission is to cut the absurd spending in the DOD, create a military that is not a fiscal liability to this country, and rethink the idea that the US has to be the world’s police. Time to realign the mission with the needs of this country.