Obama Utters The J-Word

It’s a ridiculous argument not worth mentioning, and of course Barack Obama mentioned it. Christians were just as vicious during the Crusades and anything ISIS can come up with. And in saying that Christians committed atrocities in the name of Jesus, he gave Fox News a week-long talking point.

Now we will have to endure hours of interviews and commentary from Fox News ‘experts’ who will beat this drum until the Administration says the next stupid thing. Stop it. You don’t need to feed the clowns red meat; they do a good job of digging up nonsense all by themselves. Your assistance is not required. For once, you are on a roll. Don’t blow it.

ISIS is military movement masquerading as a religion. They are a direct result of disastrous decisions that resulted in our failure to secure Iraq. Keep saying that until everyone believes it. It’s the truth.