Obamacare is a hit

Obamacare is not just successful, it is a hit. Enrollment has surged. Annual rises in healthcare costs are slowing. Quality has become the buzzword in healthcare practices across the country. Things are happening.
Is the Affordable Care Act perfect? Not by a long shot. A lot of deals had to be struck that now need to be revisited. A lot of changes need to be made in how we deliver healthcare.
One of the big problems is the high cost of pharmaceuticals. We are the only country that pays for the research and development of drugs. The rest of the world pays a fraction of what we pay for the very same product. That does not sound unfair. It sounds criminal. Hillary Clinton has vowed to do something about the problem. That cannot happen soon enough.
Lower costs in repetitive tests, drugs, and a move toward proactive, preventive care, are the keys to a manageable health care system. The ACA was an excellent start. Time to follow through.