Our Enemies Must Fear Us Again

Our Enemies Must Fear Us Again

They won’t. That era is over. We used to stomp the terra, and the little people did our bidding. Even the big people feared our might. No more.

We can no longer move a gunship to the coast of an enemy and watch them collapse in fear. They know our limitations, and they know their strengths. In colonial times saber-rattling worked. Now those countries laugh at us.

Which is why Jeb Bush looks so out of touch to the rest of the world, as he caters to those people who cling to the old ways, convinced they will work again. They won’t. Gunship diplomacy, that tired old ploy we are once again using off the coast of Yemen, makes us look silly.

If Jeb Bush believes that foreign policy in the 21st century is about hegemony and the big stick, we are in for more sorrow, more lives lost, and nothing accomplished. Another Bush disaster, in another place, with more of our young lives lost. That is the only way the big stick will work now. Who wants to go there again?