Paris Terrorism

Our initial reaction to the horror that ISIS inflicted on Parisians is to take no prisoners. That is just what the monsters in Raqqa want us to do. We should aver, but the lure is great indeed.

Perhaps a better response would be to coordinate with all of the players in this game, and work together to bleed this caliphate monstrosity dry. That will not be easy. The players are not united, and the insurgency is dug in deep. Russia, and now France, have a deep personal interest in avenging their losses. But that may not be enough.

The real losers are the immigrants, and the Muslim populations in countries across Europe. They are caught between trying to escape unbearable poverty and war, and becoming part of a Europe that views them with suspicion, and outright hatred.

How do we correct a century of bad foreign policy in Africa and the Middle East? How do we make those nations stable and prosperous enough to lure the immigrants back to their homelands? And how do we not understand what it takes to bring democracy to a nation? Nation-building is not easy. It took us a century, and a devastating war to unite these United States. It is as if we learned nothing at all on our own grueling journey to becoming a nation. History is so full of examples; why did our leaders not realize this was all going to happen?