Paul Ryan Says Maybe, Baby!

Yes, Paul Ryan, aka Eddie Munster, will accept the job of Speaker of the House as long as his conditions are met. The problem with this scenario is that those very conditions are what is causing the schism in the party.

The hard right is already calling Ryan a lap-dog for the Obama Administration. The hard right will say anything. That is why the House is ungovernable. The GOP let the Tea Party become the major force in the party when they knew that the leaders of the Tea Party were unhinged. You lie down with dogs, and you know what happens. Ironic that they call themselves the Freedom Caucus, having now enslaved the GOP, and the country.

Paul Ryan’s conditions won’t be met, but it does not matter. Paul Ryan is a politician in the spotlight. He is at this moment, queen of a most bizarre prom, and nothing lures a politician like this kind of attention. He will take the job regardless, because refusing it now would create more turmoil than Boehner’s horrible exit. He can step down after a proper length of time and declare himself the peace-maker of the House. He won’t be. The House is divided, and no one person can heal this rift.