Pictures of Trump Junior’s Russia Meeting Found


‘Operator, we need an interpreter in Trump Tower. Better make it a full time interpreter.’

It ain’t pretty

Like cockroaches after you set the bug-bomb off, they are coming out of the woodwork now. And what a party this is starting to become. The Trump administration is bussing in lawyers, the Russians are everywhere, and let us face facts; we don’t have enough FBI agents in the country to tackle this invasion. Especially since the First Family seems lowers the bridge over the moat every chance they get.

Bigger crowd than the inaugural

The Trump family is trying to change its disclosure statements, but gosh, the Russian connections are too numerous to count. Jared Kushner just added over a hundred. Perhaps we should quit asking how many people were at Donald’s inauguration, and ask how many of those people were Americans?

‘I know how to meet and greet. Not much else.’


Interpreter may have been identified

KGB? What is that? Kentucky Fried Chicken?
I love it!

Trump heads back to New Moscow

Trump on flight back from Paris.